Studio Samantha Thole; European Ceramic Workcentre; unfired clay designs; 2019; photo credits: sundaymorning@ekwc

Note from the artist:
As a contemporary artist, I express myself through ceramics and performance art. I use these two languages to balance a longing for continuity and permanence with the joys of our fleeting world, where to be alive is to be in flux.

Within my artistic practice I specialize in classical antiquity and the (autobiographical) symbolism of the female body. Fired clay is common to almost every culture on earth and is found throughout the whole history of mankind. The medium of ceramics enables me to make tangible connections through time, space and between bodies. As I hope to create artworks, that touch the heart of that which makes us human.

Red Figure; portrait Samantha Thole; European Ceramic Workcentre; 2019