04Temple Guardians, 2015
digital photograph, for the Digital Artist Residency
temporary tattoo and the artist’s body

4aAux dix mille anneé
Victor Segalen, Stèles
1912 (Simon Leys, Paris)

4bUNTITLED, 2015
digital photograph
Description: The artist holding a sketch of “Temple Guardians” in front of the original
statues (c.1300-1400, Iwayaji-temple, Japan) at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

4cUNTITLED, 2015
digital photograph
Description: Work in progress for “Temple Guardians”.


Guardians of the Buddha, ca. 1203 A.C.
Painted wood, h. 840 cm
Todai-ji temple, Nara (Japan)