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Privacy Policy

1. Definitions
1.1. The capitalised words are defined as follows in this privacy policy unless expressly indicated otherwise or determined otherwise by the context:
GDPR: Data Protection Regulation;
Customer: The natural person or the contact of the legal entity who has concluded or wishes to conclude an agreement with Samantha Thole;
Agreement: The agreement between Samantha Thole and the Customer;
Personal Data: Data concerning an identified or identifiable natural person;
Samantha Thole: The user of this privacy policy: The sole proprietorship Samantha Thole, established at Koningsdam 1 in (3011 TN) Rotterdam, registered with the Chamber of Commerce with CoC number 57654964;
Website: The website
1.2.Unless the context determines otherwise, the definitions set out above used in the singular will also refer to the plural.

2. General, controller, and contact details
2.1. This privacy policy describes how Samantha Thole processes Personal Data in relation to the orders placed with Samantha Thole and in relation to the contact with (potential) Customers.
2.2. The controller is:
Samantha Thole
Gustoweg 45
3029 AR Rotterdam
The Netherlands
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce number: 57654964
E-mail address:
Phone number: +31 6 49 28 21 05
2.3. Samantha Thole values the careful handling of Personal Data. Samantha Thole acts in accordance with the GDPR with respect to the processing of Personal Data.

3. Collection of Personal Data
3.1. Samantha Thole processes Personal Data of Customers.
3.2. Samantha Thole collects Personal Data from the Customer at the moment on which:
a. The Personal Data are sent to Samantha Thole using the Website, for example, using the contact form on the Website;
b. The Customer contacts Samantha Thole about the products of Samantha Thole or the order;
c. The Customer places an order with Samantha Thole.

4. Personal data
4.1. Samantha Thole processes the following Personal Data:
a. First name;
b. Last name;
c. Country/Region;
d. Street name and house number;
e. Postal Code;
f. Residence;
g. Telephone number;
h. Email address;
i. Payment details;
j. Delivery address.
4.2. The Personal Data set out in Article 4.1(a-i) must be provided for the execution of the Agreement. The Agreement cannot be concluded without these Personal Data.

5. Retention of Personal Data
5.1. Samantha Thole will not keep the Personal Data longer than strictly necessary to fulfil the purposes for which the Personal Data are processed as described in Article 6.1 unless there is a statutory obligation to keep the Personal Data longer.

6. Purposes and grounds of the processing of personal data
6.1. Samantha Thole processes the Personal Data for the following purposes:
a. Conclusion and execution of the Agreement, such as:
i. Handling a request;
ii. Handling an order;
iii.If the order must be delivered outside of Europe, asking its carrier about the transport costs and informing the Customer about these transport costs;
iv. Arranging the transport of the order;
v. Handling a return;
vi. Sending email messages to inform the Customer about the order, such as:
• An order confirmation;
• The track & trace code of the order;
b. Communication purposes, such as:
i. Handling questions, remarks, requests, or complaints;
ii. Informing the Customer about the progress of the handling of a question, remark, request, or complaint;
c. Administrative purposes, such as:
i. Preparing the invoice;
ii. Completing the payment;
iii. Keeping a customer portfolio;
d. Sending newsletters, also refer to Article 7.
6.2. The ground of the processing operations set out in Article 6.1(a-c) is the execution of the Agreement.
6.3. The ground of the processing operation set out in Article 6.1(d) is the permission of the Customer.
6.4. Samantha Thole only processes the Personal Data that are absolutely required for the existing purposes. Samantha Thole strives for as little data processing as possible.
6.5. Samantha Thole will not process the Personal Data for other purposes than those set out in this privacy policy.
6.6. Samantha Thole does not make use of automated decision-making.

7. Newsletters
7.1. Newsletters will only be sent to the Customer if he has signed up for a newsletter and in this manner has given Samantha Thole permission to send newsletters to the email address provided by the Customer. The Customer can always unsubscribe from newsletters.
7.2. The Customer can unsubscribe from newsletters in the following ways:
a. By clicking the relevant link included in the newsletter; Each newsletter will contain an unsubscribe link.
b. By contacting Samantha Thole using the contact details in Article 2.2.

8. Security measures
8.1. Samantha Thole has taken various security measures to avoid unauthorised access to and loss, theft, and unlawful use of Personal Data, including measures against unauthorised access, use, modification, unlawful and unintentional destruction, and unintentional loss of Personal Data.

9. Disclosing Personal Data to third parties
9.1.Samantha Thole will disclose the Personal Data of the Customer to third parties, if:
a.This is needed to execute the Agreement. These are the following types of parties engaged by Samantha Thole: IT service provider, payment provider, and carrier. Insofar as the engaged third party is a processor, agreements about the processing by this processor will be captured in a processor agreement or these agreements will be concluded by means of a different legal action, for example, based on the applicability of the general terms and conditions of the processor. Engaged third parties will only have access to the Personal Data if this is necessary to perform their work for Samantha Thole and insofar as permitted by law;
b.The Customer has given permission for the provision;
c. Samantha Thole is required to provide the Personal Data based on:
i. Laws and regulations, for example, to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration or another government body;
ii. A court order or ruling.

10.Deletion of Personal Data
10.1. Samantha Thole will delete Personal Data from its systems without any unreasonable delays, if (inter alia):
a. The Personal Data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were processed;
b. The Customer objects to the processing of his Personal Data and this objection is justified;
c. The Personal Data are incorrect or outdated.
10.2. Samantha Thole is not required to delete Personal Data in situations in which the “right to be forgotten” as described by law does not apply.

11. Right to access, portability, rectification, and deletion
11.1. Samantha Thole will grant the Customer access to all Personal Data concerning him in the possession of Samantha Thole. Samantha Thole will also provide the Customer with a copy of these Personal Data to enable the Customer to provide these Personal Data to a third party at no cost.
11.2.Samantha Thole will give the Customer the opportunity to correct or delete any incorrect data concerning the Customer in the possession of Samantha Thole at no cost.

12. Objections
12.1. The Customer can file an objection to Samantha Thole concerning the processing of his Personal Data if the Customer has a valid reason to do so considering the specific situation. Once Samantha Thole has received the objection, it will stop processing the Personal Data of the Customer, unless Samantha Thole has a legitimate interest in processing the Personal Data of the Customer outweighs the interest of the Customer.

13. Right to limitation
13.1.If the Customer has submitted a request to modify, supplement, or delete his Personal Data, or an objection to the processing of his Personal Data, and the handling, processing, and implementation of this request of objection takes some time, the Customer can request Samantha Thole to limit the processing of his Personal Data.

14. Permission
14.1.The Customer can revoke permission granted for the processing of his Personal Data at any time, refer to Article 7. The revocation of permission does not apply retroactively.

15. Questions, requests, and complaints
15.1.The Customer can contact Samantha Thole for the following purposes:
a. Questions about the manner in which Samantha Thole processes Personal Data, or
b. Exercising any of the rights set out in Articles 11, 12, or 13; or
c. Reporting a(n) (suspected) abuse of the Personal Data of the Customer processed by Samantha Thole,
using the contact details set out in Article 2.2.
15.2. If the Customer invokes one of the rights set out in Articles 11, 12, or 13:
a. Samantha Thole can request additional information if it is not certain whether it is dealing with the right person;
b. Samantha Thole will inform the Customer within 1 month of the receipt of the request about the consequences of the request.
15.3.Samantha Thole will inform the Customer if it modifies, supplements, or removes his personal data, if it ends or limits the processing of his Personal Data, or if it has processed a revoked permission in response to a corresponding request.
15.4. If the Customer believes that the Personal Data processing by Samantha Thole does not comply with this privacy policy and/or applicable laws and regulations, the Customer can submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority or to the supervising authority of the country in which the Customer resides.

16. Cookies
16.1. The Website uses cookies. For more information about the use of cookies, please consult Samantha Thole's cookie policy, see the section below entitled “Cookie Policy”.

17. Amendments
17.1.Samantha Thole reserves the right to unilaterally make amendments to this privacy policy, for example, due to amendments to laws. The latest version of the Samantha Thole privacy policy can be found on the Website.

18. Privacy policy of third parties
18.1. This privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites connected to this Website by means of a link. Samantha Thole does not accept any liability or responsibility concerning the manner in which these websites handle Personal Data. For more information about the way in which these third parties handle Personal Data and the like, make sure to consult the privacy policy of the website in question.

Last updated: 17/04/2023

Cookie Policy

1. Definitions
1.1. In this cookie policy, the following capitalised terms are defined as below, unless explicitly stated otherwise or the context indicates otherwise:
Personal Data: Data concerning an identified or identifiable natural person;
Samantha Thole: The user of this cookie policy: the sole trader Samantha Thole, located at Koningsdam 1 in (3011 TN) Rotterdam, listed with the Chamber of Commerce under Chamber of Commerce number 57654964;
Website: The website managed by Samantha Thole;
Website visitor:The natural person who visits the Website.

2. Type of cookies
2.1. The Website uses the following cookies:
a. Functional cookies;
b. Analytical cookies;
c. Social media cookies.

3. Explanation about cookies
3.1. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the Website Visitor’s device that he uses when he first visits the Website. Information is stored in this small text file.
3.2. If the Website Visitor visits the Website for the first time, a pop-up will be displayed with which the Website Visitor can give permission to place cookies for which permission is required. If the Website Visitor does not give permission to place the cookies reported in the pop-up, only the cookies for which no permission is required will be placed.
3.3. The Website Visitor can disable the placing of cookies via his Internet browser. In addition, the Website Visitor can also delete all information previously saved via cookies through his Internet browser settings. More information about enabling, disabling and deleting cookies can be found in the instructions and/or the Help feature of the Internet browser of the Website Visitor. It is possible that by disabling certain cookies, the Website will no longer function optimally and, for example, it will no longer be possible to place a product in the shopping basket.

4. Functional cookies
4.1. The Website uses functional cookies to make the Website work optimally. Functional cookies:
a. Enable the Website to recognise the Website Visitor when the Website Visitor visits the Website again;
b. Enable the Website to remember the preferred settings of the Website Visitor, such as a language preference;
c. Ensure that the product the Website Visitor has placed in his shopping basket is remembered and saved and the product can be paid for;
d.Enable the Website’s layout to adapt to the screen size with which the Website Visitor consults the Website.
4.2.Functional cookies are necessary for the correct functioning of the Website.
4.3. No permission is required for the use of functional cookies.

5. Analytical Cookies
5.1.Analytical cookies allow Samantha Thole to collect and analyse information related to the use of the Website. The use of the Website is measured with analytical cookies. Through the use of analytical cookies, Samantha Thole processes data about the use of the Website such as the number of visitors, the amount of time spent on certain web pages on the Website, country location, the type of device on which the Website is consulted, performance statistics and similar data.
5.2.Analytical cookies are placed by Google on behalf of Samantha Thole.
5.3. If Personal Data is processed by means of analytical cookies, these cookies will only be placed after the Website Visitor has given his permission for this. If Google Analytics is set to be privacy-friendly, permission for analytical cookies is not necessary and this permission is not requested from the Website Visitor.

6. Social media cookies
6.1. Social media cookies are used so the Website Visitor can easily share a web page on the Website through the following social media channels:
b. facebook;
c. LinkedIn.
6.2. Sharing web pages on the Website is possible via the appropriate social media buttons on the Website.
6.3. The social media channel recognizes the Website Visitor by means of a social media cookie if the Website Visitor wishes to share a web page on the Website through the social media channel.
6.4. Using a social media channel and sharing a web page on the Website through a social media channel is entirely at the risk of the Website Visitor.
6.5. For information about how a social media channel handles Personal Data of the Website Visitor, the Website Visitor should consult the privacy policy of the relevant social media channel.
6.6. Social media cookies are only used after the Website Visitor has given his permission.

7. Personal Data
7.1. No personal information is stored in cookies, such as a telephone number or email address. The Website Visitor is not contacted on the basis of information in a cookie.
7.2. For more information about the processing of Personal Data by Samantha Thole and about the rights that the Website Visitor has with regard to processed Personal Data, the Website Visitor can consult Samantha Thole's privacy policy, see

8. Third Party Websites
8.1.This cookie policy does not apply to third-party websites that are hyperlinked to the Website. Samantha Thole does not accept any responsibility or liability with regard to cookies from third-party websites. For more information about this, the cookie policy of the website in question should be consulted.

9. Changing this cookie policy
9.1. Samantha Thole may amend this cookie policy. The most recent version of this cookie policy is always published on the Website.

10. Contact
10.1.If the Website Visitor has questions about this cookie policy and/or about cookies that the Website uses, the Website Visitor can contact Samantha Thole in the following ways:
Via the email address:
By telephone: + 31 6 49 28 21 05
Via the contact form on the Website:

Last updated: 17/04/2023