Werk - Samantha Thole


The work of Samantha Thole places mythological stories and ancient symbols in our present-day context. References to the body, social identity and power relations emerge in archetypal form.

Drawing of a young woman in red socks
Red socks
Black krater vase vessel. One side depicts a hare pursued by the winged Hermaphroditus. The other side shows the Greek hero Achilles, who is carrying the body of the slain Amazon queen Penthesilea from the Trojan battlefield.
The Krater of Hermaphroditus
Drawing of the lion of Nemea, red and black
The Lion of Nemea
White terracotta breast-vase painted with a stylised hunting scene, in which hunter and prey, life and death, are closely intertwined. The vase is designed as an ode to Artemis, the virgin goddess of the hunt.
Drawing of Hecate, a woman in a dress holding two torches
Kylix mask of red terracotta, painted on the outside with two faces. One depicts the terrifying face of a Gorgon, the other the charming countenance of a girl. The inside of the mask is painted with a labyrinth that ends in an abstract representation of the female reproductive organs.
Janus head
White breast-vase painted with an abstract composition of female nudes. A reclining figure stretches around the foot and belly of the vase; a second figure curves her legs around the neck and handle.
White breast-vase painted with the mythical death of Adonis, lover of the goddess Aphrodite
The death of Adonis
Black bucranium vessel vase with white horns, painted with two scenes from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Princess Io in the guise of a cow.