Werk - Samantha Thole


The ceramic work of Samantha Thole places mythological stories and ancient symbols in our present-day context. References to the body, social identity and power relations emerge in archetypal form. The artist enriches these archaic forms with contemporary layers of meaning. Universal themes such as the cycle of life, regeneration and metamorphosis also play an important role throughout Thole’s oeuvre. The alchemical transformation that is at the heart of the ceramic process makes it the perfect medium for her narratives, as fire transmutes the malleable clay into objects that can withstand the ravages of millennia.

White breast-vase painted with an abstract composition of female nudes. A reclining figure stretches around the foot and belly of the vase; a second figure curves her legs around the neck and handle.
Kylix-shaped vessel, mask of red terracotta with a white interior and handles shaped like two serpents. The mouth, neck and foot of the vase are edged with fine black bands, decorated with a sgraffito pattern of spinning wheels and sun wheels. Like the serpents, both symbolise rebirth and immortality.
Deep-brown breast-vase with an image of two sphinxes watching over a tree of life. The sphinx to the right of the tree is a female, Minoan version of this mythical beast; the sphinx on the left is a male, Egyptian sphinx. The vase’s mouth is decorated with the phases of the moon.
Monumentale terracotta volute krater-vorm met kenmerkende spiraalvormige handvatten, beschilderd met een alternatieve versie van de roof van Europa. Verbeeld is hoe de Fenicische prinses haar ontvoering verijdelt met behulp van een gift van Zeus zelf: een speer die nooit mist. De getroffen oppergod verandert van een stier terug naar een antropomorfe gedaante.
Europa defeats the bull
Wearable sculpture built out of intertwined serpents with terracotta detailing. The work, which can be worn on the head like a crown, refers to the mythical Gorgon Medusa.
Medusa’s Crown I