1a(from Left to Right)
Volute Krater/ series: Disjecta Membra
, 2015
digital image, h. 80 cm
Description: The series Disjecta Membra (Latin: Scattered Limbs) combines the shapes of
Classical Greek pottery with early erotic black and white photography (ca. 1880- 1920, Paris).

Volute Krater (bowl for mixing wine and water) with Amazonomachy and Centauromachy
Greek, Attic, red-figure, ca. 450 B.C., attributed to the Painter of the Woolly Satyrs
terracotta, h. 63,5 cm
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Oinochoe/ series: Disjecta Membra, 2015
digital image, h. 30 cm

(from Left to Right)
Psykter (wine-cooler) with revelling satyrs, one juggling a Kantharos on his Phallus
Greek, Attic, red-figure, ca. 500- 470 B.C., painted by Douris
terracotta, h. 28,5 cm
the British Museu

Kantharos/ series: Disjecta Membra, 2015
digital image, h. 25 cm

Impression series Disjecta Membra, 2015
Description: (from Left to Right) Lekythos, Krater, Amphora, Hydria, Oinochoe, Kantharos and Kylix

1e(from Left to Right)
serie 40
erotic “French” postcard, ca. 1910
halftone print on cardboard, JA (pseud.)

photograph, 1936
paper negative, 16.5 x 12.3 cm
Bibliothèque nationale de France
Description: This photograph is an
Académie, an officially
registered nude study designated for artistic purposes.

1fKylix (drinking cup) with symposium scenes
Greek, Attic, red-figure, ca. 480 B.C.
signed by Hieron as potter; attributed to Makron as painter
Ø 33,2 cm, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Description: This side of the cup shows three
Klinai (dining coaches) with thick cushions.
In front of them stand lower tables, often with drinking cups or food; the symposium typical-
ly followed the meal. The women are
Hetairai (better described as courtesans that prostitutes,
because the pleasures were not limited to sex). One
Hetaira is depicted holding a Kylix in the air
as she plays a game called
Kottabos. Under the left handle stands a large column-krater wreathed
with ivy, under the other a young serving boy.

1gThe Metropolitan Museum of Art Photography Studio
black and white photograph, 1924
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Description: Two men photographing a Bell-Krater and presumably its lid.