Shishi 石獅; Celadon; stoneware; set of two sculptures; left/ female (l) 22 x (w) 28x (h) 29,5 cm; right/ male (l) 22,5x (w) 23x (h) 31 cm;  European Ceramic WorkCentre; 2013

A pair of highly stylized guardian lions (English; lion dogs or Foo dogs), thought to protect a building from harmful spiritual influences and people. Statues of guardian lions have traditionally stood in front of Chinese Imperial palaces, Imperial tombs, government offices, temples, and homes.
The lions are usually depicted in pairs. When used as statuary the pair would consist of a male leaning his paw upon an embroidered ball (in imperial contexts, representing supremacy over the world) and a female restraining a playful cub that is on its back (representing nurture).

– L’Orient fantôme; flyer; showing together with Eylem Aladogan (NL), Ineke Heerkens (NL), Ipek Kotan (SWI) and Birgit Saupe (DEU); European Ceramic Workcenter, ‘s-Hertogenbosch; 2013
– L’Orient fantôme; installation view; European Ceramic Workcenter, ‘s-Hertogenbosch; 2013