Werk - Samantha Thole


In haar werk plaatst Samantha Thole mythologische verhalen en symbolen uit de oudheid in een hedendaagse context. Referenties aan lichamelijkheid, identiteit en machtsverhoudingen komen naar voren in archetypische vorm.

Ceramic canvas of red terracotta painted with a circular labyrinth that ends in an abstract representation of the female reproductive organs.
Drawing of a sphinx in red and black
Kylix-shaped mask of red terracotta with a white interior and handles shaped like two serpents. The mouth, neck and foot of the vase are edged with fine black bands, decorated with a sgraffito pattern of spinning wheels and sun wheels. Like the serpents, both symbolise rebirth and immortality.
Black Amazon-vase with two breasts on one side and one breast on the opposite side, each accentuated with terracotta decorations.
Deep-brown breast-vase with an image of two sphinxes watching over a tree of life. The sphinx to the right of the tree is a female, Minoan version of this mythical beast; the sphinx on the left is a male, Egyptian sphinx. The vase’s mouth is decorated with the phases of the moon.
Vessel, terracotta volute-krater with distinctive spiral-shaped handles, depicting an alternative version of the abduction of Europa.
Europa verslaat de stier
Monumental, slender terracotta lekythos with an image of a seated Sphinx. Sirens and small sphinxes feature in the frieze around the shoulder of the vase. A sphinx can be bloodthirsty, and she will tear apart anyone who does not answer her riddles.
Savage Energies: De Sfinx
Medusa's Crown I, wearable sculpture built out of intertwined serpents with terracotta detailing. The work, which can be worn on the head like a crown, refers to the mythical Gorgon Medusa.
Medusa’s Kroon I
Terracotta lekythos with an image of a running winged Gorgon. The frieze on the shoulder of the vase shows a hunting scene with a boar. Opposite this, Theseus defeats the Minotaur, flanked by seven youths and seven maidens from Athens. The Gorgon embodies both good and evil: her deadly gaze also offers protection.
Savage Energies: De Gorgoon